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The Export Promotion Council Market and Product Research for Kenyan Exports to Rwanda and Burundi aimed at identifying opportunities in trade for Kenya export products, market requirements, demand trends, market opportunities, strategies of entry and recommendations. The research obtained demand and supply side market insights and was conducted between June and August 2019 by SKM Business Consultants on behalf of the Export Promotion Council. The study gathered insights from a wide range of relevant stakeholders in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi including embassies, regulators and ministries, importers and exporters, trade experts and household consumers of Kenyan export products. Findings revealed that, market access for Kenyan products to Rwanda and Burundi has increased due to improved export trade frameworks such as the East African Community Customs Management Act, Rules of Origin, Common External Tariff, Standards Quality Management, Metrology and Testing (SQMT), one-stop border points and Kenya’s good bilateral relations with the two countries. Demand for Kenyan products is slumping in growth amid Rwandan and Burundian populations growing at high rates (2.3 and 3.3% respectively) with their urban population growing fast at 6.4% and 5.7% respectively. This study established existence of clear market opportunities for existing Kenya’s export products in both Rwanda and Burundi. The study recommends strategic advice to current and potential manufacturers and exporters on how to exploit available opportunities by diversifying product offering, targeting lower income segments with smaller quantity packaging, deepening market penetration to non-capital towns and strengthening distribution channels through partnerships as well as working with local representatives. Whilst the existence of Non-Trade Barriers, high transport costs and weak manufacturer market strategies emerged as key constraints, Kenya remains strategically advantaged to exploit export market opportunities in the two countries.

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