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Where can I get the Agency Training schedule?

The Agency is focused on empowering the business community through export skills development and knowledge sharing as one of its key strategies. Therefore one of the objectives of the Agency is to enhance the export supply base and competitiveness of SMEs through enterprise development and capacity building. The Agency conducts customised training for target clients and the training schedules are advertised in the local newspaper print, the Agency Website (, Agency Trade Alert Bulletins, Notice Board, Regional Offices and through enquiries. 

An enterprise or individual should seek knowledge on the export business. They should define their business and identify the product or service they want to export and to which international market. The product or service should be market driven and meets international standards. The Agency provides enterprises information of the relevant registration, permits, certificate, conformity etc required when they require to start an export company.

 The Agency offers its services through a framework of five pillar namely, Policy Facilitation; Trade Information; Export Market Development; Product Development and Adaptation and enhancement of Exporting Skills through training of exporters and facilitators.These services are provided to clients when they visit our offices, by mail or telephone. The Agency also pro-actively disseminates trade information through the fortnight Trade Alert News Bulletin, Export Magazine, Agency Website, Shows, Forums and Outreach Programmes.

The Agency continued to explore new areas where the country has comparative advantage and prioritized the promotion of export of services. The Agency also developed market and product prioritization frameworks for selection of export markets and products based on empirical data. The framework is used in the development of the Annual National Export Development Programme. The programme is a collaborative effort involving stakeholders in the private and public sectors which identifies lucrative markets for Kenya products and services. Kenya is a signatory of various trading arrangements and partner states where our goods and services enjoy preferential treatment such as EAC, COMESA, AGOA and bilateral trade agreements.

The Agency facilitate Kenyan businesses to penetrate, diversify into new markets, and consolidate existing markets through trade promotional events. These include: trade missions to priority markets; buyer-seller meets; contact promotion programmes (C.P.P); fairs and exhibitions. The Agency develops the Annual Export Development Programme and invites the business community to participate in the promotional events. The costs of participation are shared between the Agency and participants. The Agency usually caters for Exhibition space, Stand construction, Publicity and Logistics while the participants pay for Registration, Transportation and Accommodation. 

 Various export products like tea, coffee, nuts, fruits, vegetables, flowers, processed foods have to meet the National and International standards ranging from sanitary, pytosanitary, packaging, labelling, etc to access the market. One needs to fully understand the markets entry requirement for their products and work closely with relevant Trade Surpport Organisations in the country which assist exporters to attain the requires tariff and non tariff requirements. Such technical information is avail in institutions like KEBS, KEPHIS, HCDA, Fisheries Department, KWS, Ministry of Trade, KIPI etc.

To secure acceptable levels of quality consistently one must develop systems and procedures to develop quality standards, inspection methods quality control procedures for export products and services. Exporters should obtain support on standards and quality management from organisations like; Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), KEPHIS, HCDA, Private Certification Institutions and Sector Associations like Kenya Flower Agency.

Certificate of Origin are issued by the Customs Department, Kenya Revenue Authority depending on the export destination. The purposes of the Certificate of Origin is to indicate the origin of exports so that they can enjoy preferential duty entry into the export market depending on the prevailing trade arrangement between Kenya and the importing country. The Cerficate of Origins issued are; COMESA Certificate of Origin, EUR-1 Form, GSP, EACD and Ordinary Certificate of Origin and AGOA Certificate of Origin.

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