Culture and Heritage

Uniqueness of the 44 tribes of Kenya

The 44 different ethnic groups have different languages and dialects, traditional arts & crafts, architecture in homestead designs, clothing and jewellery, food, social and economic activities.

The Kenyan People
Art and Culture

The Kenyan People


Known for their warmth and hospitality, Kenyans make their country a home for all. Many expatriates find in Kenya a home away from home! Visitors are welcomed and embraced by a hardworking and entrepreneurial people. There is a sizeable population of youthful and highly educated Kenyans, who are innovative, creative and passionate about their work. Kenya is globally recognized as the cradle of mankind. The oldest recorded human fossils were discovered in Turkana, Kenya. Athletics enthusiasts recognize Kenya’s achievements in International Marathons and long distance races. Our runners have broken scores of world records and held them almost permanently over the last 20 years. Kenya has other heroes and heroines in other fields among them the legendary Prof. Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to receive a Nobel price and Olympic icon Kipchoge Keino. This continues to give Kenya high visibility and competitive prominence in the global scene.


Kenyans are self- driven and independent. They are known for their ability to spot opportunities and turn them into commercial operations regardless of the circumstances. This trait is aptly demonstrated in the many successful Small and Micro Enterprises (SME) started by individual Kenyans. 


This is the inherent strong will and determination to keep moving on. Kenyans are known for not giving up but optimistically look towards a better future. This is an important characteristic to nurture during these challenging times when the country is in transition to a diversified, modern and more urban economy. 


It is captured majestically by the warrior shield in our flag. Kenya is known for her ambition to be the leader in the region, whether in public service management, economy, or in the political arena. Kenya has bravely shouldered the responsibility of mediating between her warring neighbors and overseeing the signing of peace treaties, provided peace keepers for UN missions and provided a safe haven for thousands of refugees. Kenya’s sons and daughters have shown prowess and leadership in sports, environment conservation and academics. 


Kenyans are known for their willingness to accept and embrace new ideas and even cultures. This is evident in advancements in ICT, adoption of modern business practices, world class manufacturing, innovative farming and mobile telecommunications. The openness in the Country has provided a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. Kenyans are also known for their adventurous spirit and love for open spaces, to be found in the expansive nature and wildlife reserves. 


Kenyans respect each other’s diverse opinions and also value respect for self. This trait is very well expressed in Kenyan’s reputation as hard workers who are committed to delivering quality. Our maturing democracy, respect for differing religions and cultural diversity is a demonstration of this characteristic.


This relates to the warm comfortable climate as well as Kenyan’s hospitable and generous nature. When visitors come into Kenya they are received and embraced with a warm welcome that leaves them with a desire to come back.

Art and Culture

Art and Culture 

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