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International Market Development and Promotion

Guided by the structured approach to export market prioritization, the Agency undertakes to identify export market opportunities for Kenyan products and formulate appropriate market entry and penetration strategies. This will be realised through informed market research and surveys findings, trade missions, contact promotion programmes, buyer/ seller meetings, trade fairs and exhibitions and inward buying missions.

On an annual basis the Agency develops the Kenya Export Market Development Programme (KEMDP), which lists prioritised promotional events to guide its export market development activities. The KEMDP is a reflection of joint efforts, both public and private sectors, in consolidating and enlarging Kenya’s traditional export markets of East African Community (EAC), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and European Union (EU) and diversifying into new and emerging export market of Eastern Europe, North America, Asia and Rest of Africa. The objective of such extensive consultations is to minimize duplication of efforts by various stakeholders and to ensure focused export market development initiatives.

The development of the programme is informed by extensive market analysis prioritising Kenya’s markets into four tiers, namely: traditional, growth, emerging and future markets respectively. In order to make Kenyan products easily available in select markets, the Agency will establish warehouses that will avail Kenya’s export products continuously thereby easing export logistics faced by Kenyan exporters and importers in the target markets. Such facilities will also facilitate bulk breaking, storage and other associated marketing services. 

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