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May 24 2023
KEPROBA conducts successful media and exporter’s engagement in Meru County

The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency has successfully conducted a media and exporters engagement in Meru County with the aim of education journalists on their role as advocates of locally produced products in the county. The Media plays a great role in Nation branding and hence the need for collaborations with like-minded institutions to market our nation, investment opportunities and our products for local and export consumption.

The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding team also visited Citizen Tv and Nation Tv bureaus in Meru besides visiting Baite Tv station to discuss areas of collaboration.

Additionally, team visited Meru Coffee Union and Meru herbs to discuss areas of collaboration and to assess their export potential. Meru herbs is Meru based organization that produces lemon tea, herbal jams and hibiscus tea for exports in countries like Italy, Japan, Canada and Scotland.

Joseph Mwai from the Meru Herbs thanked KEPROBA for its continued support in acquiring new markets for the firm’s products. “Very few people within our locality know the importance of organic products that we produce here, therefore, they form a very insignificant segment of our market. We mainly rely on international markets and thank the Agency for its continued support in accessing them,” said  Mwai.

Meru herbs has five crops that are registered as organic among them, Camomile, Lemon grass for lemon tea, Hibiscus, which is used to produce jam, juice, and wine, Cell ginger, and Moringa.



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